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Terms + Agreements

Approvals (PDF and Spec approval)

By submitting your response to Seven Barks, you agree to the following terms...

• You are FULLY RESPONSIBLE for final proof and layout approval prior to the printing process.
• POV is NOT LIABLE for errors in a final product caused by any of the following reasons:
Omitted, Mistyped or Misspelled Words, Grammar, and/or Punctuation.
• You understand that any errors existing on the approved proof will be printed and that any additional costs incurred to fix these errors are your responsibility and not eligible to be re-run free of charge

This job may be printed with the attached changes. You understand that errors will be fixed at no additional charge but changes to the original design will be charged at the quoted hourly rate.

This job may NOT be printed and either Seven Barks will supply a new PDF proof or wait for a new file from you to start the approval process again. You understand that changes to the original design will be charged at the quoted hourly rate. 

Refunds / Returns

 If Seven Barks refunds a customer for bad printing quality then ALL printed pieces must be returned to Seven Barks

Products purchased from the Seven Barks product line maybe returned for a full refund, minus the return shipping cost.  The full product must be returned  and received prior to reimbursement being issued.


Seven Barks will only grant reprints if the printing was OUR error. We WILL NOT reprint low resolution and/or bad files or any error on the customer files. 90 days after an order is marked as shipped from our facility is considered final. Reprints must be from original file.


Low-resolution images don't print well! Images taken off the Internet, particularly 72dpi jpegs look jagged and fuzzy when printed. To avoid this we recommend that your images be at least 300dpi (dots per inch). During the printing process the paper can bounce in the machine up to 1/8" resulting in the print image not being in the exact same place every time.

Our prints are not guaranteed if running through another printing device.

Time Guarantee

Seven Barks is not liable for any orders that do not arrive on a customer timeline. It is up to you to choose the shipping method that best meets your time line. Seven Barks will not be liable or be held responsible if a customer timeline is not met. We will not refund any order that does not meet a customer's deadline due to shipping or production delays. If you need an order by a specific date you must note the date in the comments section when placing your order.

Shipping Policy

All orders received after 2 p.m. EST will go into production the next working day. Contact us for rush orders. Shipping costs for Seven Barks will depend on the method and option that you choose. Please note that all shipping rates for items that we sell are weight-based. Seven Barks is not responsible for any UPS shipping delays and is not required to provide any refund due to shipping delays. Brokerage Fees and Canadian taxes will be additional charges to any shipment to Canada. All packages returned to Seven Barks due to customer error in address information can be re-shipped at the regular shipping cost. If Auto Seven Barks has to change a shipping address after the order has been shipped there will be a $20.00 charge assessed to the customer.

Color Quality

Part of the way we offer fast turnaround and low pricing is by printing to a "pleasing color" standard using standard ink densities. There is no guarantee that your finished piece will look exactly like your printed sample from your home Ink Jet or Laser Printer. Even from one commercial printing and copying firm to another, there can be significant differences in results. We will do everything possible to make sure that your printed material will be of the highest quality.

We print to some of the highest standards in the industry, and have built our business up through repeat business and word of mouth advertising. We place customer satisfaction at a premium and to ensure your complete satisfaction we ask that you consider these factors before placing your order:

Customer Disks & Supplied Digital Information

All prices and quotes provided by Seven Barks assume the customer provides properly prepared files following Seven Barks guidelines. The customer accepts all responsibility for supplied files that fail to output properly, contains errors or provide an unacceptable result. We  will make every effort to discover problems in the disk pre-flight stage but accepts no responsibilities for errors not detected. We strive to provide the best quality possible but sometimes there are uncontrollable copy machine marks. These include drum marks, random dots, and even sometimes lines. Another warning that Low-resolution images don't print well! Internet images most often will look jagged and blurry. To avoid this we recommend that your images be 300dpi (dots per inch).