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Meet Owen - his school and farming friends call him O-dog, and his soccer coach and teammates call him Fred (his middle name and late great-grandfather's name). 

Last summer Owen decided that he wanted to start a farm.  He started by planting a "bunch" of organic potatoes and sold over 300lbs in his first year!  When he isn't working in the garden, his favorite activities are soccer, helping his Dad with various projects, and playing Farming Simulator (a computer game).


Photo: Owen holding up a few of the first potatoes he harvested!


Below: A few more candid photos from last year:


          Weeding                     3rd Place at Fair              Checking Quality of crop


So here is the plot for this year -

It doesn't look like a lot today - but come next month big things are coming!  This year Owen has been working with an advanced software package that has allowed him to draw in his rows , plan for how many plants and irrigation, and create a planting and harvesting schedule. Check out Owen's Garden at the Farmers Almanac Garden link!   The site shows all of the plants he is growing and is set to scale!



Owen started his Onions back in February. They are currently under grow lights and will be planted in April!