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Metzenbaum 2016 Special Olypmpics


On May 7th 2016, The Metzenbaum Center held their Special Olympics at Bedford High School. Their events included; Individual Bowling, Volleyball, Track and Field and Soccer. The Metzenbaum Center had several athletes participate in the 2016 Spring Special Olympics that work at the POV's Metzenbuam Enclave.

LET ME WIN, IF I CAN’T WIN, LET ME BE BRAVE IN THE ATTEMPT   -   (Special Olympics Mantra)


Kate Campbell:

Kate got 3rd Place (Bronze) in the 50 yard dash and the softball throw. Kate said she was “surprised to win the bronze medal”.  When asked what her favorite part was, she said “RUNNING”. Later she went out with her family and celebrated with a meal and a FROSTY at Wendy’s. Kate said how much this organization means to her because it “helps adults and children of special needs perform in the same sports as other professional athletes”.


DaVonte Ryu Wagner:

DaVonte placed GOLD in the 100 meter dash and the standing long jump. When asked what his favorite part of the competition was, he responded “RUNNING FAST”.  DaVonte enjoyed “hanging out and having food” that day too. He wanted to share that the Special Olympics is “pretty special” to him. At this time he doesn’t know if he will participate in the Summer Special Olympics.


POV wants to say CONGRATULATIONS to Kate and DaVonte! We are so proud of your wins, but also in giving it your all. Keep being leaders.